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RIPE NCC Roadmap

The RIPE NCC offers a range of technical services, both to its members and the wider Internet community. In order to ensure we provide the most useful and relevant services possible, we rely on community feedback to help guide us in their development. The RIPE NCC Roadmap is a tool that will allow us to communicate our current and upcoming plans for each RIPE NCC service so that users can be informed early on in the development process. At the moment, only some RIPE NCC services have a roadmap available; however, we will continue to add other services in the near future.

The individual roadmaps currently available can be found below. These roadmaps explain the current state of development for these services. Within each roadmap, items are broken down into the following categories: requested, planned, in progress and delivered. Each roadmap also includes information about the different ways you can tell us what you think about that service. We encourage you to send feature requests, suggestions and other feedback. More information about many of the plans described in the roadmaps can be found on RIPE Labs. Please note that this is a work in progress, and we will be adding new functionality and additional feedback mechanisms in the future.

This page is updated regularly by the RIPE NCC.

Tool descriptions

  • Requested: These items have been requested by members or members of the wider community. We will not necessarily implement each and every request that is brought forward to us, however we will at a minimum investigate the listed requests and discuss them with the membership/community if necessary. Each roadmap includes information about how new features can be requested.
  • Planned: These items are scheduled for implementation in the foreseeable future. In some cases these plans will first be discussed with the membership and/or community before they are actually implemented.
  • In Progress: The RIPE NCC is currently working to implement these items.
  • Delivered: These items have recently been implemented.